“Freedom To Dance For All” Dato’ Dr. Geoffrey Tan


 The Malaysia Ballroom Dance Council (MBDC) was registered with the Registrar of Societies as a national dance body on 12 December 2014. The launching of MBDC in early 2015 was a major step in the transformation of the dancing fraternity in the country as there is now a national dance body to spearhead the development of Ballroom Dancing as a profession and to further promote and encourage Ballroom Dancing as an integral part of the development of Performing Arts and Dancesport in Malaysia.

MBDC’s tagline is: ‘One Vision, One Body for All – Dance Teachers, Dance Competitors, Dance Students, Dance Examiners, and Dance Adjudicators’.

MBDC’s three sacred principles of Truth, of Honor, and of Virtue.

 As a national dance body, MBDC has the support and endorsement of the Malaysian government. This will help encourage and raise the standards of ballroom dancing and dancesport in the country; in addition to contributing to the cultural landscape and promoting dance tourism to Malaysia. MBDC’s goal is to see that the standard of Ballroom Dancing and Dancesport in the country will continue to grow and flourish, and attain world class standard in the near future.
In the process, MBDC is promoting Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia as the new epicenter of Ballroom Dance Championships in the Asian region. In this respect, MBDC’s Mantra is Freedom to Dance for All.

Malaysian Dance Championship Calendar

Since 2015, MBDC has been promoting numerous State-level dance championships annually. In time, MBDC is planning twenty (20) dance championships comprising of MODC, ten (10) State Dance Championships, dance competitions in seven (7) major towns, and two (2) Basic Dancesport Competitions.

Promoting Dancesport in Public Schools in Malaysia

In order to promote Ballroom dancing and enhance Dancesport in Malaysia, MBDC secured the approval and endorsement from the Ministry of Education in June 2015 to introduce Dancesport as an extracurricular subject for primary and secondary schools in the country. There are many benefits for school students to take up Dancesport. Dancing improves fitness through increased physical activities and assist students in developing personally, socially and intellectually. It instills discipline and improve inter-personal skills among students. In addition, learning Ballroom and Latin American dances in schools is fun and exciting.
To ensure consistency and quality of teaching methods, MBDC had introduced a standard syllabus to guide our Dance Teachers and Examiners in instructing our school students to become accomplished dancers. MBDC will be conducting Dance Examination Medal Tests for students and organize inter-schools dance sport competition.
In time, this will create a bigger talent pool of dancers to help us produce our very own dance champions. The Ministry of Education has approved for school students participating in Dance Competitions endorsed by MBDC to be eligible for additional extracurricular points.

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